Alternative Nursing Careers

Alternative nursing careers can be as varied as your imagination. focuses not only on the alternative nursing careers that are out there, but also those nursing careers you can create yourself.

Information on nursing careers is plentiful. Unfortunately, most of it is traditional, with little left to your imagination. We are dedicated to both educating and encouraging nurses to be creative in building the nursing career of their dreams.

Traditionally, nursing careers have centered on acute and subacute settings. Opportunities within these setting have broadened somewhat…Nurse Anesthetist, Ostomy Nurse, Patient Care Coordinator…just to name a few.

Outside Traditional Settings

It is outside the traditional settings that alternative nursing careers are exploding.

Many nurses are looking for a focused career to pour their passion, skills and knowledge into. They are also looking for a career that can rescue them from the risks of heavy patient care, unhealthy shifts and begging for holidays and weekends off.

Spending more time with family is important to all of us. But, just try to get time off around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years in traditional settings.

Find a Problem and Solve It!

The increasing use of the internet for health information has been a driving source for alternative nursing careers. You have a wealth of knowledge and a keen understanding of patient needs.

  • Do you have expertise in a specific disease or health issue?
  • What are the problems/needs that these patients have?

You can be a source of helpful information to those searching for that issue. Build a site that filters all the garbage out there, condensing it down to the important information in an easy to understand format.

Website building, especially information sites, is no longer for the geeks only. And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. This site was built through SiteBuildIt.

They provided an easy to follow roadmap to setting up successful websites. They also include all the software and tools you need. Check them out. Nurse Consultants Needed

There are many areas that nurses can be used as consultants. Alternative nursing careers are plentiful when you apply your own passion, skills and knowledge. This partial list should get your imagination churning:

  • Employee Health
  • Design of Health Care Facilities
  • Health and Wellness
  • Health Research
  • IT and Software Programming in the Health Setting
  • Legal Nurse Consulting
  • Life Care Planning
  • Marketing Health Related Products
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sales and Education

The great thing about many alternative nursing careers is that you have influence over when, where and who you work with.

And don’t forget you’ll need a website for your nurse consultant business.

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