Create Your Nurse Consultant Specialty

As a Nurse Consultant you could be in high demand. More and more health care facilities and related businesses are looking for nurse consultants to provide solutions and expertise to various issues.

What exactly does a nurse consultant do? You only have to look to yourself to find the answer.

Do co-workers or patients often seek you out for answers to questions or "how-to" directions on certain topics or procedures? Have you become the resident resource in a certain specialty?

That is exactly what a consultant does


  • Assess the situation
  • Determine needs
  • Gather resources and information
  • Create a plan of action, and
  • Advise and educate
  • Your probably do it all the time without even realizing your thought process.

    That's because you are using your well-honed knowledge and skills to solve problems and help others. They could be co-workers, allied health, physicians, patients, parents, children or the community at large.

    So, how do you decide if you are right for becoming a nurse consultant? Is there even a market for your knowledge and skills?

    You need to do some brainstorming. Assessing your knowledge, skills and attributes are essential to defining your expertise and commitment.

    What Is Your Specialty?

    It's probably best to look at sub-categories, or niches, within a specialty. It's a lot easier to be a expert at a specific niche than the whole enchilada.

    I'm listing several possible categories with sub-specialties within them. These are just a starting point for you. Each of you is unique and come with various expertise. Add to these possibilities.

    You can focus on:

    • Health care issues - Diabetes, Arthritis, Auto-Immune Diseases, Wound Care, Nutrition, Lactation, Autism, ADH, Alzheimer's, etc.
    • Occupational - Health Maintenance, Ergonomics, Exercise/Nutritional Programs, Stress Management, etc
    • Management - Risk Management, Case Management, Communication, Team Building, Certification Preparation, Cost Containment, Legal Nurse Consultant, etc
    • Community - Adult Day Care Centers, Adult Foster Care, Nursing Home Selection, Health and Safety, Life Care Issues, etc
    Putting It All Together

    Health Care Providers and lay people alike are looking for answers. As an RN, you not only have the knowledge, but also the expertise to assess, diagnose (needs), plan, implement and evaluate. Your nursing process is the key to unlocking the confusion and uncertainty surrounding any health care issue.

    You may not be able to make their problems go away, but you have much to offer in helping others manage difficult situations. You can impact their outcome in a positive way.

    A consultant may work as an employee or self-employed...part time or full time.

    Getting Your Feet Wet!

    Ask your manager if you can work on special related projects to get you feet wet. Network at association meetings to find other nurse consultants. Participate in a Community Health Fair. Or, offer to give a presentation at a Senior Center, Community Center or Library.

    You may just find the career of your dreams. I certainly did. Check out

    How I Landed my First Nurse Consultant Job.

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