Build The Nursing Career of Your Dreams!

Have you found your nursing career leaving you overworked and under appreciated? Suffering from burn out? Stuck in a job or a shift that was not what you dreamed of?

I've been a nurse for over thirty years, enjoying a variety of positions and settings throughout my career. I have encouraged hundreds of nurses, health care workers and anyone else I could get to listen, to explore the many career possibilities surrounding them.

Nursing has so many options...with more on the horizon. Look to the future of health care and carve out your own niche.

With the motivation, tools and examples you'll find on Nursing Career Hub, along with your own motivation and persistence, you too can have the career of your dreams.

Emerging Career Choices

Unlike other sites, Nursing Career Hub will expose you to a collection of emerging and not so common...but oh so for nurses. I hope to get your curiosity stirred and your creative juices flowing.

Things have changed rapidly over the past decade or so. Traditional nursing education is unable to keep pace with the myriad of opportunities available to you today. The exploding use of information technology in both work and home has brought with it emerging career choices, as well as alternative venues for practicing nursing.

Going Beyond the Mainstream

Many nurses are going beyond the mainstream...capturing the increasing possibilities for utilizing their knowledge and skills. Some have completely changed career paths while others have created side businesses to give variety, extra income, more flexibility or a creative outlet.

They have built the career of their dreams by assessing their knowledge, skills and strengths, looking at the future of healthcare, and carving out a niche for themselves.

Imagine doing what you really love! And doing it when and where you want! Maybe it's:

From the comfort of your home

Flying around the world to provide your special knowledge and skill

By the seashore or

At the bedside.

You call the shots! You make it happen!

This Is Just the Beginning

As this site grows you will find many resources and tools; from brainstorming your knowledge, skills and strengths; hearing what other nurses are doing; to the various career options surrounding you.

Just a few of the areas we will look at(and there are many opportunities within each area)include:

Nurse Consultants

Nurse Infomatics

Forensic Nursing

Travel Nurses

Nutrition and Fitness Counselors

Patient/Staff Educators

Website Building

Nurse Entrepreneurs

Whether your new career is as an employee or self employed, part time or full time, it will take time to anything worthwhile does. With your persistence, determination and our help, it will happen.

The possibilities are limitless. Using the various resources of Nursing Career Hub, you can build the nursing career of your dreams.

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